Well...there are good decisions...bad decisions...and in this case....
We would like to congratulate you on making what we feel IS an ELITE Decision
 by taking the time to visit the Elite Landscape Supply and Sal's Elite Landscaping website.
As you read on our homepage...this company is the infusion of 2 long standing,
successful companies which have combined their decades of landscaping prowess and talent,
 to create a truly ELITE company.
Greetings from Jared and Sal, the owners of this company.

And again, we appreciate you taking the time to stop by.
In a nutshell, we both have had very successful and respected businesses.
We have DECADES of combined experience in the landscaping industry.
We have both been well known, and again... well respected.
Our client lists are a who's who of instantly recognizable companies
and ecstatic private individuals from all walks of life.
For many years, we both ran our companies, and built our businesses.
Our businesses continued to grow and we both had very big aspirations.

Funny thing is, we both have KNOWN each other for many years !
We would see each other in the field and we would sometimes combine efforts in one job.
One day we started talking about our dreams and goals.


This is how we treat EVERY project...every customer whether at your home
or business, or if you are picking up products at the office ! Those guys you saw in the shirts and ties above ? We are the SAME guys you will see DOING the work. NO ONE would have noticed the slight imperfection Jared is fixing in this photo. But WE did, and our work MUST be PERFECT !

We are both VERY driven to be the best we can be.
We BOTH want to give our families the best life possible.
We BOTH want to be known as the ELITE company in regards to ANYTHING related to
 EXCEPTIONAL Landscape Supply and Service.

As we both discussed the incredible satisfaction we feel once we finish a job and the customer praises us repeatedly, we knew that our combined PASSION for this industry along with the talent recognized by our peers in this industry, made us realize, that if we both put our energy in to ONE company,
 the sky would be the limit !

That dream...that Vision...has become
Elite Landscape Supply
Sal's Elite Landscaping and Hardscaping.

2 businesses...2 divisions...operating as one...under 1 Roof...
providing  both Landscaping Companies and Landscaping Consumers with the

We are BY FAR...the largest and most complete company of its kind anywhere around these parts.

Our buying power is unmatched.
Our skill is unparalleled.
Our reputation is impeccable.


So....think about this:
You have 2 PROVEN, successful guys with DECADES of experience,
who were known as the BEST in the industry.
We have a staff full of QUALITY and EQUALLY devoted employees who SHARE our passion for Landscaping Dominance.
We have the LARGEST selection of products for both consumers and contractors.

We have the best ideas...service and prices.

You came to this site looking for info.
All you need to do in order to understand why we call this company Elite...
is to give us a shot at earning your business !

Anything you want, need...or desire...we have it...
or we DO IT !

Check out the Products and Services page next...and make sure you check out the Photos and Testimonials page to see samples of our work, and to watch testimonials of some of our

" For Landscaping DOMINANCE that CAN'T BE BEAT...
ECSTATIC customers chose ELITE " !!

Are YOU next ??