OK...so you've often wondered what it would look like if you were do some of those things you've seen OTHER homeowners do.

That new retaining wall.
The new driveway.
The beauty of PROFESSIONAL landscaping with all of the nice shrubs, trees, plants and mulch.
You walk around the yard and "visualize" what it would look like.
Wouldn't it be nice to actually "see" what these enhancements would look like ?
Now...you can !
Simply go through our site and see what we offer and look at the work we've done for others.
See a wall you really like ?
Would you like to see what it would look like in YOUR yard ?
That beautiful outdoor grilling/BBQ area ?
Want to see how it would look in YOUR yard ?
Have you thought about that Japanese Maple in the front yard along with rich, dark mulch and other cosmetic enhancements ?
Simply send us a DETAILED email telling us EXACTLY what you are interested in "seeing".
Be as specific as you can be.
What goes where...what type...how much of it...etc.
Email us  the photo/photos of your home with the area that you would like to see transformed.
Once we get your instructions and photos...we will call you and explain how this process works.
This is a GREAT WAY to "see" what ELITE can do to
beautify and increase the value of YOUR HOME !
Send your info and photos to